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Rongsheng RSF-III Immersion Suit

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Rongsheng RSF-III Immersion Suit

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    The RSF-II SOLAS Immersion Suit has the CCS certification of the ship survey and the EU EC certification, and complies with the 1974 SOLAS Convention, the 1996 Amendment, the International Life-saving Equipment Rules and the Maritime Safety Council Resolution MSC.81(70) Life-saving equipment test requirements. According to the requirements of the SOLAS convention and IMO regulations, it has the functions of watertightness, buoyancy and natural heat preservation. It is equipped with a whistle and a life jacket light, and does not need to wear a life jacket. It connects the clothes and pants together to protect the whole body except the face, and is suitable for ships sailing in various navigation areas, oil platforms and other marine operations. The product has been type approved and inspected by China Classification Society (CCS).


    The RSF-II Immersion Suit is made of 5mm thick CR neoprene composite material, equipped with a life jacket light, whistle, partner rope and pull loop. Clothes, trousers and boots are integrated into one body, and equipped with watertight zippers, which are easy to wear and have good sealing performance. All kinds of warm clothes can also be worn in the immersion suit, so the heat preservation performance is excellent, especially suitable for various water operations with low water temperature, and has the function of waterproof and heat preservation. It is a life-saving garment. It has enough buoyancy when worn on the body, so that the head of the person who falls into the water can come out of the water.


    Design structure: It has buoyancy and is designed as a SOLAS immersion suit that does not need to wear a life jacket;

    Insulation performance: after 6 hours in calm circulating water at 0°C~+2°C, the temperature drop does not exceed 2°C;

    Material: CR neoprene

    Buoyancy: ≥150N

    Essentials For Marine Thermal Insulation And Lifesaving Clothing:

     1) Take out the thermal suit on the boat and turn it on.

    2) Put on thermal clothing in time.

    3) The human body kneels down and closes the zipper on the legs.

    4) The human body pulls the waterproof zipper on the chest to the face.

    5) Pull the sealing edge of the face to the bottom of the chin before going into the water.

    6) Thermal clothing should be worn together with approved life jackets.

    7) Take out the gloves from the sleeve pocket of the thermal suit.

    8) After putting on the gloves, the personnel close the zipper.

    Precautions For Maintenance Of Marine Thermal SOLAS Immersion Suit:

     1) Store thermal insulation clothing in a low-temperature, ventilated, and dry environment. It is strictly prohibited to be placed in a high-temperature environment or exposed to the sun for a long time; avoid contact with corrosive chemicals such as acids, alkalis, and salts; heavy pressure is strictly prohibited; wrinkles during storage and after storage are normal phenomenon.

    2) During the storage and application of the SOLAS immersion suit, avoid contact or friction with sharp objects to prevent the waterproof layer from being pierced or worn out and affect the waterproof effect; pay attention to rodent damage.

    3) After using the thermal insulation clothing, turn out the inner layer of the clothing in time, place it in a dry and ventilated place, and dry the moisture accumulated inside; if it needs to be cleaned, use a neutral detergent and a soft brush.

    4) Do not turn on the lifejacket light switch during the preservation of the immersion suit, only when needed, otherwise it will damage the lifejacket light or consume the power of the lithium battery.

    Insulation and immersion suits should be checked regularly, and repairs should be made in time if any damage or water leakage is found


     For where the cold water shipping area, Navy, fishing vessels, offshore, cargo & passenger ships

    Main Functions:

     The body temperature does not fall more than 2 degree after immersion in 0 C cold water for 6 hours

    • Comply with SOLAS 1974 and latest amendment
    • Main Material: CR Expanded Neoprene Composite Cloth
    • Design: inherently buoyancy,can be used without lifejacket. There is a pillow behind ,keep head over water.
    • Accessories: Lifejacket light, whistle,stainless steel harness.
    • Thermal protective:The body temperature will not be 2℃ lower than normal temperature after immersing in the 0℃~2℃ static water for 6 hours.
    • Certificate: CCS/EC





    NEOPRENE (5mm thickness)


    it is designed with a buoyancy pillow, so do not need extra lifejacket.

    Reflective tape

    SOLAS reflective tape, 5cm x 10cm

    Thermal Protective Function

    Insulated immersion suits


    water tight zipper with plastic puller.


    3 finger Neoprene gloves


    black webbing belt with steel D-ring.


    Neoprene Material with Rubber sole

    Cold Water Neoprene Immersion Suit Accessories

    water-proof Light, whistle.


    customerized Printing, OEM services




    S: 1500-1650mm
    M: 1650-1800mm
    L: 1800-1950mm
    XL: 1950-2050mm




    2pcs /carton

    Carton size


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